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I finally started the dang blog.

A little over a year ago, just a few months into college, I had the sudden urge to start a blog.

I have been sitting on the idea ever since.

You see, I didn't want this to be another blog without a real purpose. Without an underlying goal. Without a mission in mind.

I started praying. And hoping. And ideating. And seeking perspective. And praying some more.

The idea didn't come. The "aha moment" I was expecting.

I was expecting the idea to just be dropped in my lap, and that was part of the issue for sure.

But what, truly, was the real issue?

My desire to be perfect before I even began. I was comparing myself to woman who have been walking this walk far longer than I have.

It took some truth spoken to me by one of my favorite professors and truly one of the most wise women I have ever met to snap me back to reality.

You don't start anything perfect.

Trying to start at the level at which you see people you look up to is like wearing clothes that are ill-fitting. You can try to wear them, but it just doesn’t work. Your shirt is just a little too short. Your jeans are a little too baggy. Your shoes are just a half-size too tight.

Start at your level, humble yourself and recognize that where that person is now is not where they started. What you did not see is their journey. The years and years it took them to get to where they are.

Why did this blog actually take me so long?

I was trying to be a Jordan Lee Dooley or a Rachel Hollis on day one. I saw the level they were at and wanted to start there. But deep down, I just knew I couldn’t, and that absolutely paralyzed me in my process.

So, here I am, admitting I am not there. Not yet.

This is just the humble beginning. And that's a beautiful thing.

And, the concept?

Blooming. Growth. The very thing Jordan and Rachel had to do to get to where they are now.

The thing that we do every single day.

Here's to humble beginnings and the promise of growth.

I am so pumped for this journey.

Let's bloom.


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